Navigate the Astral Plane

We must mention first that every material object, every part icle even, has its astral twin; and this counterpart is itself not a simple body, but is commonly exceedingly complex, being composed of assorted kinds of astral matter. Also each living creature is surrounded with an atmosphere of its own, commonly call ed its aura, and in the case of humans this aura forms of itself a really fascinating branch of study. It's seen as an oval mass of luminous mist of extremely complex structure, and from its shape has occasionally been called the auric egg. The universal life - fluid as it is absorbed and specialized, as it circulates in rosy light throughout the body, as it eventually radiates from the healthy individual in its altered form, is also perfectly obvious. Most bright and most easily seen of all, maybe, thoug h belonging to a more polished order of matter — the astral — is that aura which expresses by its bright and ever - changing flashes of color the different wants which sweep across the man's mind from moment to moment. This is the true astral body. But to see t hese , the student must, naturally, have developed the vision to do so DOWNLOAD HIRE